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WEB_OGs:A Space forIndependentProgressiveThinkers_

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About Us

A collective of creative technologists who have surfed the wave from web 1, 2 and 3. By invitation only.



We are shaping the future of <web3.AI> through [creative tech, experiences, storytelling, culture and community]


We believe that the potential of web3 can be realised when we start with imagination, not limitations. No borders, no rulers, just people making cool shit, together.

[Creator Media Tech]
Our blockchain-enabled media network empowers creators and brands by leveraging their audiences, through our proprietary platform >SWAYE_ to measure creators, influencers and brands' attribution value and performance.
[Performance Tech]
GE-Force: The next-gen Performance Marketing accelerator across GamingEntertainment. Unlock your Brands potential from all the web 3 blockers, boosted by next-level results-driven marketing, that combines the powers of the most sophisticated algorithms in Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube machine learning data and ai, built into GE-Force to triple your content performance ranking + reach
[UA Growth Tech]
Introducing OG.ai - A necessary product for web3 game changers, developers and innovators that allows an in-game rewards engine to let anyone play your game without the web3 blockers. But yes, still tracks ID/attribution. No email, no wallet. Just play and connect your wallet once you have assets/currency/rewards i.e. when you're motivated/incentivised to exchange/connect your wallet. No more bull$hit. Please and thank you.
[Brand IP Design]
Cool AF Brand Identity Design. End-to-end. Take your idea from a scribble and bring it to life with a fully-blown-out brand strategy from logo > website > pitch decks to funding with Intellectual Property that can be scaled to maximum potential, without being rugged, rekt or ripped-off.
Real People. Real Community Culture. Call in the recruits to blow up your Community. Your die-hard brand champions. Gamify your community with your own automation technology that runs events and games on your Discord, to engage and grow your community.
[Token Gen Events (TGE)]
Call on the OGs to power up your Token Generation Event (TGE). Dive deep into bespoke tokenomics, killer marketing, and banging PR. Got a whitepaper or website dream? We've got you. Community? We grow it, protect it, and connect it to big-shot influencers. See and be seen with our ICO spotlight and press partnerships. Amp up with performance ads, and post-TGE game plans. Analytics? We're data junkies. Ready to rock your token? Let's go.